In a movie or video game, have you ever seen a hacker take over someone’s device without touching it? In today’s blog post, he said that as of May this year, there were serious vulnerabilities in devices such as iphoneipads, which allow attackers to completely control the device without touching the device, including reading e-mail and other information, downloading photos, and even passing through the Microphone and camera to watch and listen to your voice. < / P > < p > Ian beer said that the key to this vulnerability is that the current iPhone, iPad, MAC and apple watch all use the Apple Wireless direct link (awdl) protocol, which is the basis of airdrop (which can easily transfer photos and files to other IOS devices) and sidecar (quickly turning iPad into auxiliary screen). Beer not only found a way to take advantage of this, but also found a way to force awdl on, even if it had been turned off previously. < / P > < p > although beer said there was no evidence that the vulnerabilities had been exploited by hackers, he admitted that it took him six months to discover the vulnerability and verify that it could be exploited. Although this vulnerability was fixed in May this year, he suggested that the hacker’s attack power should not be ignored, and the upgrade should be installed as soon as possible. Apple didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment, but apple did refer to beer in the change logs of some security updates related to vulnerabilities in May 2020. Global Tech