For most people, the data center has never been the focus and topic of concern. However, under the leadership of NADELLA, Microsoft began to increase the investment in azure cloud services in 2010, actively invested in building data centers around the world, and also attracted the attention of ordinary users through various innovations. < p > < p > at the ignite 2020 conference, mark Russinovich, chief technology officer of azure, introduced in detail how Microsoft can improve data processing capacity, improve power consumption and respect for the environment through innovation, and actively promote carbon reduction in the data center. The most interesting part of the video is that project Natick, Microsoft’s deep diving data center, is not just a research experiment, but has taken an important step towards improving energy efficiency and flexibility. In the future, Microsoft will deploy more underwater data centers to realize large-scale. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia