Microsoft Flight simulator has a major upgrade today, focusing on the optimization of maps of the UK and Ireland. In the world update III released today, Microsoft introduced high-resolution 3G images from London, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge and Oxford. In addition, more than 70 landmark buildings have been improved in the new map, including many famous bridges, palaces, cathedrals and the famous Premier League football stadium.


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If you have tried to visit some Premier League clubs in flight simulator, you may have noticed that they are usually just a huge apartment building with a general appearance. The aim of this update is to improve the experience and see in detail where the Premier League is playing. Similarly, Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s home in London, now looks much better than before.

Microsoft has also added hand burnished airports to Barra, Liverpool, the overland terminal, Manchester Barton and outbound Kaili. Another special feature of this update is that it provides detailed architectural elements for English manors and Victorian houses. Even country stone structures, such as castles and churches, look much better. Some of the sights across Scotland now look particularly fascinating.

In addition to all the image improvements, Microsoft has added three new activities for those exploring the UK and Ireland. There is a new flight in the Northern Ireland islands and two landing challenges: one in the Shetland Islands and the other in southeast England.

New UK and Irish updates are available today to all Microsoft Flight Simulator users. However, the update package capacity is very large, and the PC side has reached 48gb.