Every year, travel photographer Austin Mann takes Apple’s latest iPhone on the road to take beautiful photos around the world. This year, he set off again with his iPhone 12 pro, this time to Glacier National Park in Montana. < / P > < p > however, the iPhone 12 Pro is mainly incremental and algorithmic improvements, and more hardware adjustments have been made on the iPhone 12 Pro max. however, what Mann received this time is not the pro Max version, but pro. However, the smaller iPhone 12 Pro still performs well under various conditions, adding night mode to the wide-angle mirror greatly enhances the lens’s low light performance. < p > < p > Mann said: “I found that the shooting quality of ultra wide was not up to my standard in medium and low light conditions. So I only use ultra wide lenses in bright daylight. ” However, night mode helps mitigate these defects. < / P > < p > Mann also praised the iPhone 12 pro’s improvements to smart HDR. For example, the ability to take silhouettes in the latest devices, which was difficult to do in previous versions. The photographer also used his wife’s low light portrait to push the iPhone 12 pro’s night mode to the extreme. < / P > < p > I took this portrait of Esther about forty or fifty minutes after sunset. Because it is dark, there is little light available. In this case, we can still see better in the case of moving forward (ESP) and light mode (ISO) > because the camera is not stable, and can still be seen in the case of light mode and light mode. < / P > < p > lidar performed well, and I realized later that I didn’t manually lock the focus on her face throughout the shooting. And creating precise depth images around a hairy hat may seem complicated, but the iPhone 12 Pro is very good. < / P > < p > blurring and noise reduction make the picture a bit unreal, a little too dreamy? But the point is that it’s clear enough in that clear place, and overall, I think this picture is very cute. (and Esther agrees, and that’s the most important thing!) < / P > < p > Mann also introduced some other software based mechanisms introduced in the latest iPhone models, including a new “true lock” exposure adjustment that allows manual exposure settings when shooting and changing lenses. Mann said the feature allows the iPhone to more closely mimic a hand-held camera. Although Mann took some amazing photos with the iPhone 12 pro, he concluded that serious photographers had better wait for the iPhone 12 Pro max. < / P > < p > he said: “the iPhone 12 Pro is a rugged camera, and because of a range of new digital technologies, I find it slightly better than the already good iPhone 11 pro. But if you want to take better photos with your iPhone, wait for iPhone 12 Pro max. This seems to be the most significant leap in iPhone camera hardware that we’ve experienced in years, just three weeks before it’s on the market. ” Global Tech