Pixel 5 is one of several flagship phones that offer reverse wireless charging, but Google does it in a smarter way: just plug in a usb-c cable, and if your pixel 5 detects a Qi compliant device on the back, it will automatically turn on battery share and become a wireless charging panel. < / P > < p > according to Google’s official support documentation, battery share is only enabled “in a very short period of time.”. If the phone detects that another device compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard has been placed on the top for charging, it will work as usual, otherwise it will automatically turn off battery share. < / P > < p > this does not mean that the reverse wireless charging function can only be used when charging. Even if the charger is not connected, the user can still manually activate the battery share function. To do this, go to settings battery sharing or add the battery sharing switch to the quick settings drop-down menu. Privacy Policy