After a durability test, Zack Nelson, anchor of Jerry rigeverything, a well-known digital channel, disassembled pixel 5. After dismantling, it is found that the screen part is very easy to repair, and it can be removed from the mobile phone body with a crowbar after a little heating. However, the clip around the screen can still make the screen firmly fixed in place. Although some users have reported that there will be a small gap between the screen and the body, the screen of the phone will not fall off. < / P > < p > Nelson was also impressed by the waterproof performance of this phone. Although immersed in acetone for a long time, the water indicator was not triggered at all. All in all, despite and despite the large holes in its metal frame, the pixel 5 is an easy to maintain and durable Android phone. This kind of bio resin plastic is definitely helpful. Nelson suggested that Google should be more aggressive and publicize these advantages as selling points. Global Tech