Apple released two new videos today, highlighting the iPhone 12 pro’s Dolby vision and its ability to perform in low light conditions. The newly released “experiments V: Dark Universe” video brings viewers a wonderful journey of changing light. “We want to push the iPhone 12 pro with Dolby horizon and low light recording capabilities to the limit,” wrote the video description. The video uses vertical shooting mode, from plasma ball, soil like material movement, ferromagnetic fluid, ink plume in water, silk in motion and other elements, combined with dynamic background music, the whole video looks very advanced and rhythmic. < / P > < p > the entire video uses a black background and brightly colored subjects, although not all colors are bright. Similarly, some elements are dark, depending on the camera’s ability to pick up finer details and darker shadows. Like other videos in the series, the video also provides a behind the scenes video showing how excite takes some scenes. Although the team used traditional photography techniques to take some photos, in some cases unusual equipment was needed. Global Tech