Virgin Galactic plans to launch a new manned space flight test on October 22, according to a filing filed with the Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday. Virgin Galactic plans to test its space system, SpaceShipTwo. The test consists of two parts. The new test on October 22nd will be the first of them, and there should be two test pilots at the time. < / P > < p > last month, the space travel company said there would be “four experts” on board in the second flight test. If both test flights are successful, Virgin Galactic founder Sir Richard Branson is expected to travel to space in his own spaceship in the first quarter of 2021, marking the launch of the company’s commercial space travel service. A Virgin Galactic spokesperson confirmed the accuracy of the documents, but pointed out that October 22 was only the beginning of the flight test window, which means that actual launch tests may take place in a few days after October 22. The company also said in the document that it plans to conduct a four hour flight test of its passenger plane “white knight two” before the space flight on October 22. The test is scheduled for October 1 and October 7. The manned space flight test on October 22 is the company’s first flight at the U.S. space port launch site in New Mexico, and the company’s first flight since February 2019. Global Tech