According to foreign media reports, virgin orbit, which wants to become a small satellite launch service provider, plans to re launch its key orbital demonstration in December this year, which will be a significant change. Its previous attempt failed to enter orbit as successfully as the company hoped. The company’s goal is to provide low-cost launch services for small satellites. < / P > < p > the launch is expected to mark the first entry of virgin orbit into orbit. In an interview with CNBC, virgin orbit CEO Dan Hart revealed that the target for December is to carry out the test mission based on the new launcherone rocket they are currently building. < / P > < p > launcherone is strapped to a carrier ship in virgin orbit, an improved 747. The jet took it to 45000 feet, where it dropped the rocket, which, after separating, ignited its own engine and then flew into space on its own power. It’s much easier for a rocket to get out of the earth’s atmosphere from that altitude, which is why virgin wants to provide huge cost-effectiveness to specialize in small launch services. < / P > < p > the success of virgin’s first launch mission ended abruptly after the launcherone spacecraft started its engine. A failure due to a safe shutdown caused the engine to shut down and the rocket landed safely on earth, but the test apparently failed. < / P > < p > it’s not uncommon for such an accident to occur in the first orbital launch attempt – in fact, it’s almost routine. Whatever the outcome, virgin orbit said it had collected a lot of data from this attempt and hoped that it would mean that the next attempt would go as planned. If so, the company will start offering business services next year. At the same time, CNBC reported that it was still looking for up to $150 million in new financing, in line with a report in the Wall Street Journal earlier this week. Privacy Policy