Instagram released automatic video captioning for igtv on Tuesday, local time, driven by artificial intelligence, as part of the platform’s efforts to make it easier for all users to access. The function supports 16 languages. It is reported that if the video volume is kept down, users will automatically see the subtitles on the screen. They can open subtitles by setting them up or by using the drop-down menu in the video. According to who statistics, there are about 466 million people with hearing loss in the world, and this function is very helpful for people with hearing loss. < / P > < p > “the audio in instagram video is unique because it has a variety of languages, topics, acoustic conditions, cultural slang and accents,” said a Facebook representative. “Automatic subtitle video requires cutting-edge research and engineering technology to drive the AI we use in this process.” < / P > < p > this is instagram’s latest initiative to improve product accessibility. In 2018, the company introduced automatic text substitution, which allows visually impaired people to hear descriptions of photos through screen readers when using feeds, explore and profile. In addition, instagram has introduced custom alternative text, which allows users to add more descriptions when uploading photos, so that those who use screen readers can hear them. Global Tech