Before ID 4, it was called ID crozz when it was a concept car. It is the second model of Volkswagen’s ID series electric vehicles and will be sold in the United States, China and Europe. The first car ID 3 is only sold in Europe. Pre production of

ID 4 has started at Volkswagen’s Anting plant in China, while the car manufacturer’s chatanou processing plant will start production in 2022. The German automaker will hold a full (virtual) debut of ID 4 at the end of September. Earlier this summer, China’s Ministry of industry and information technology leaked the first ID 4 photo.

it is expected to achieve a range of about 300 miles when fully charged and built on the same modular electric vehicle platform that will power Volkswagen’s other ID vehicles. There will be two layouts of all wheel drive and rear wheel drive, the former being the release version. The battery is placed in the center of the underbody to create a low center of gravity and optimize driving dynamics. The digital cockpit will operate using a touch screen and intuitive voice commands. It is hoped that the launch of ID 4 will be more smooth than ID 3, which is affected by software failure and delays delivery to customers. That’s one reason why Volkswagen CEO Herbert diess was stripped of the brand in June.

VW’s ID electric vehicle lineup also includes a concept version of a large SUV (ID roomzz), a dune SUV (ID buggy), and a modified version of its iconic ID buzz. Volkswagen also promised to launch a delivery model for it. All of these models will be built on Volkswagen’s modular electric vehicle platform (MEB). The ID series is not the first time Volkswagen has been involved in battery powered transmission systems. Volkswagen subsidiary Porsche recently launched its first all electric sports car, the taycan. Audi’s first battery powered SUV e-tron was unveiled in 2018. Together, these vehicles represent Volkswagen’s dominant position in the emerging electric vehicle market. More Samsung devices can now run Android applications on PC through your phone

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