A few days ago, we learned from Volkswagen official that Volkswagen id.4, a new all electric compact SUV, will be launched in China on November 3. As a pure electric compact SUV, Volkswagen id.4 ID.CROZZ Based on the concept car, the front face of the new car has a simple and generous style and is full of modern science and technology. < / P > < p > VW id.4 will be the first to launch the rear drive version, and will add the four-wheel drive version in the future, and will also provide multiple renewal versions for consumers to choose from. The high-voltage battery of VW id.4 is located at the bottom of the vehicle near the center, which ensures the low center of gravity and balanced axle load distribution of the vehicle, resulting in better dynamic driving performance. In addition, the vehicle will also adopt full touch control through the design of digital cockpit. In terms of power, the two domestic versions of VW id.4 are equipped with a driving motor with a maximum power of 204 horsepower and a maximum speed of 160km / h. The battery uses a ternary lithium-ion battery. At the end of September 2020, VW released the overseas version of id.4 model through online form. This is also the first appearance of new car in China. In the future, it will be made by SAIC Volkswagen and FAW Volkswagen respectively. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen