Volkswagen Group plans to merge its brand Bentley into Audi in 2021 and become a subsidiary of Audi. Bentley will use Audi’s technology and platform more in the future. < / P > < p > at present, the person in charge of Bentley brand is Oliver bloom, who is in charge of Bentley brand. However, he is not fully concerned about the management and development of Bentley. Therefore, the Bentley brand may be led by Audi CEO in the future. According to the source, dis thinks Bentley has the potential to start again under Audi. At the same time, Audi will be responsible for overseeing Bentley’s technical and financial activities from next year. < / P > < p > The aim of DIS is to streamline the Volkswagen Group’s brand portfolio, covering everything from luxury brands such as Bentley, Audi and Porsche to popular brands such as Volkswagen, Skoda and seater.

is informed that the public is evaluating the future of Lamborghini, Bugatti and Ducati and other high-performance brands within the company. At the moment, the public is increasingly concerned about electric, digital and autopilot cars. Global Tech