According to foreign media CNET, Volvo buses, a unit of AB Volvo, has been producing electric buses. They stand out because more and more cities, especially in Europe, are imposing strict emission limits in the city centre, which means that diesel buses are being phased out. < / P > < p > of course, the use of buses is very large. With the increase of usage, there will be a lot of wear and tear, even such things as batteries. So, what will happen to the battery life of electric bus? Previously, the answer was a bit vague, but now, according to an announcement released on Thursday, the old batteries will get “new life.”. < / P > < p > Volvo is working with a company called batteryloop to convert old bus batteries into building energy storage devices (similar to Tesla Powerwall, but possibly larger) and electric vehicle charging stations. “We are pleased and proud to announce that batteryloop has the opportunity to purchase used batteries and to work with Volvo cars to develop this solution,” rasmus Bergstrom, President of batteryloop, said in a statement. In addition to recycling, according to the agreement, we also guarantee safe and environmentally friendly recycling of batteries at the end of their second life as energy storage devices. As a result, we provide a sustainable recycling solution for Volvo bus batteries. More importantly, this collaboration means that we can turn costs into a source of revenue for our customers. ” Global Tech