Volvo started producing the much anticipated xc40 all electric SUV on October 1, the Swedish brand’s first all electric vehicle, according to electrek. Although Volvo’s subsidiary polestar has launched its first all electric vehicle, the polestar 2, Volvo has not yet launched its own brand Bev. Volvo has confirmed that an all electric version of its popular xc40 SUV will be its first all electric vehicle. < / P > < p > Volvo released an all electric version of the xc40 SUV last autumn, and there is no doubt that its design is very similar to the existing xc40. < / P > < p > “today is an important time for all employees of Volvo cars and Ghent. As we continue to electrify production lines, Ghent has become a true pioneer in our global manufacturing network. ” < / P > < p > the company said all of the Volvo xc40 all electric models to be produced this year have been sold, but it has not confirmed the number of models it plans to produce this year. At present, the starting price of Volvo xc40 all electric vehicle model in the United States is expected to be about $55000 (no promotion discount). Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities