At the just past 2020 Beijing auto show, Geely released a pure tram architecture called “sea vastness”. Although this new technology was demonstrated with the concept car of Lingke zero, it was reported that Volvo was also developing models based on sea. Volvo plans to launch a small pure electric SUV model, < / P > < p > Volvo president Hakan Samuelsson said: link recently released sea platform, and Volvo will also use sea platform to build small-scale electric vehicles. After all, CMA platform that provides electric and internal combustion engine combination is difficult to apply to lower market positioning, so sea platform will be the best choice. < / P > < p > in addition, Hakan Samuelsson also acknowledged that the first new car under Volvo’s 40 series is likely to be a cross-border SUV. Although its positioning is lower than that of the 40 series, this new car must also be a luxury model and a pure electric vehicle. < / P > < p > referring to the rendering drawing drawn by foreign media, XC20 adopts the double door design, and the design language of Volvo family style is still used for the exterior design of the whole vehicle. The position of the front lip and rear spoiler of the vehicle are decorated with orange elements, which makes it more sporty. Volvo also said it would launch a new pure electric vehicle every year in the next five years, and hoped that the pure tram model would account for 50% of its annual sales by 2025. The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region