“Jurassic world” series released a trailer of VR game “Jurassic world: after” which will be landed on oculus quest platform. Over the years, the Jurassic world series has grown steadily through films and major products, and so has this year. A new VR game “Jurassic world: after” will be launched on oculus quest before Christmas. < p > < p > Jurassic world has released a trailer of the game online. The game will be developed by coatsink studio and released by Facebook’s oculus to oculus quest and the newly released oculus quest2 platform. < p > < p > < p > < p > < p > the story summary of Jurassic world: afterma reads: “you crash landed on nubula island because of an accident, and Velociraptors are tracking you. Think fast and escape from this thrilling adventure. The game is coming to oculus quest. ” Unlike the bright and healthy preview of Jurassic world: Camping Cretaceous, the preview of Jurassic world: after allows players to see the dark corner of the Jurassic. < / P > < p > contrary to Jurassic world: evolution, which manages dinosaurs from top to bottom like Sims, Jurassic world: Aftermatch is more in line with the thrilling side of Jurassic world, putting players in danger. The game can be played on oculus quest and oculus Quest 2. The VR game aims to give players the thrill and horror experience of being chased by cannibal dinosaurs. The story of the game took place two years after the first film of Jurassic world, but there is no evidence that the main character of the series, Ian Malcolm (played by Jeff goblin), will appear. [image] Google secretly tests 6GHz networks in 17 states of the United States