VW’s truck unit said it had agreed to raise its offer for Navistar international from $43 to $44.50 a share, a deal that would expand its North American operations. If successful, Mann, Scania and Volkswagen truck brands will merge with Navistar to create a global manufacturer. At present, the automotive industry is trying to share the cost of developing low emission technologies. < / P > < p > traton will acquire the outstanding Navistar shares for $44.50 per share, about $3.7 billion, which will put the overall value of the company’s U.S. business at about $4.4 billion. “Today, traton and Navistar, an American truck manufacturer, which already owns 16.8% of the company, have reached an agreement in principle today that traton will acquire all the shares of Navistar that have not been held by traton through a merger at a price of $44.50 per share,” traton said in a statement. < / P > < p > traton said the deal depended on completing due diligence, agreeing to the terms of the merger and the relevant transaction documents, and obtaining approval from Navistar and VW executives. < / P > < p > traton warned: “we cannot guarantee that the parties will agree on the final transaction document, nor can we guarantee that any transaction, if such an agreement is reached, will eventually be completed.” < / P > < p > after hours of negotiations before the announcement, Navistar’s board said it would be necessary to raise the offer to $44.50 a share hours before traton’s offer of $43 a share was due to win shareholder support. < p > < p > traton has been trying to win the support of Carl Icahn, a billionaire rights investor. Icahn’s fund held 16.8% of the U.S. truck maker as of June 30, according to refinitiv EIKON. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen