Wal Mart, which has been trying to use drones recently, announced this month that it plans to handle the delivery of health and health care products in Arkansas early next year, and also launched a pilot project for grocery delivery in North Carolina, according to CNET. Now, it is using unmanned aerial vehicles to help deliver the covid-19 test kit to patients. The retail giant announced on Tuesday that it has partnered with Quest Diagnostics to provide test kits for covid-19 testing at home. < / P > < p > the trial, which uses droneup as a drone service provider, was launched in North Las Vegas on Tuesday and will arrive in Cheektowaga, New York “in early October. < / P > < p > Wal Mart said those interested in using drones to deliver goods must live in “single family homes within a mile radius of the designated super centers in North Las Vegas and chektoga.”. The company will distribute & quot; test kits in the driveway of the customer’s home, the previous lane or the backyard, depending on where there are cars and trees. < / P > < p > for those who want to get the self-test kit from UAV, there is no delivery or kit cost. After the nasal swab test, the collected kits can be transported back to Quest Diagnostics and labeled with prepaid freight. < / P > < p > the news indicates that Wal Mart is continuing to build its UAV delivery ambitions as it hopes to compete with Amazon, alphabet and UPS for future deliveries. Global Tech