Wal Mart announced on Wednesday that it would lift the minimum $35 free shipping threshold for its annual subscription service & quot; Walmart plus & quot. The new policy, which will take effect on Friday, December 4, means that all plus members, regardless of the size of the order, can enjoy the next day and two-day free delivery service. < / P > < p > one of the biggest benefits of prime since its launch has been the free (usually two-day, now one-day) delivery for all eligible orders. < p > < p > when Wal Mart launched its membership service in September, the minimum delivery order amount was limited to $35. Soon, they found that they couldn’t compete head-on with Amazon Prime, so they made early changes. For a long time, the competition between Amazon and Wal Mart in the retail field is very fierce. Amazon once dominated the e-commerce in the United States, and now it is developing into the field of physical retail and groceries, while Wal Mart is trying to do the opposite and attack online from offline. Both companies are now the largest employers in the United States, and both want to be places where Americans can buy almost everything. < / P > < p > the intersection of the core business of these giant companies is to speed up and deliver products free of charge. The more reliable, faster and cheaper the ability to deliver products to customers’ homes – especially in the case of a coronavirus pandemic – the more likely customers are to order habitually again in the future. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities