Wanda’s latest Tamagotchi electronic pet model will allow owners to use Hello Kitty to help them take care of their pets. In this electronic pet world view, we can think of Hello Kitty as the common parent of the little pet. It will appear on the screen to help feed the pet (with milk or apple pie), clean the cage and so on. With regard to electronic pets, people who have played with the models of the past ten thousand generations should be familiar with them. But now there are more lovely places like Hello Kitty all day. For generations, Hello Kitty has been connected to people through friendship, said Susan tran, director of brand marketing at & quot; Sanrio, in a press release. &We are very happy to work with Wanda USA to launch the portable Tamagotchi, which will provide fans with an interesting way to interact with their friend hello kitty all day long. &Quote; < / P > < p > Hello Kitty Tamagotchi will come in two different plastic cases: a white shell with Hello Kitty’s red bow and beard, and a red shell covered with something Hello Kitty loves. They will be purchased from hobby stores, Gamestop and Amazon in December 2020 and sold at other retailers such as target in January 2021. Privacy Policy