Recently, “Wang Han with goods suspected of fraud brush sheet” topic caused concern. According to the screenshots of the circle of friends circulating on the Internet, in Wang Han’s “Shunde special live broadcast” on November 6, after paying 100000 yuan for the broadcast, 1323 sets were sold and 1012 sets were refunded on the same day, with a refund rate of 76.4%. And other businesses also have similar experience, leading to shops received false trading platform warning. < p > < p > the Red Star capital Bureau found that the number of viewers was 4.603 million, and more than 30 home appliances were recommended. Some businessmen who participated in the activity told reporters that “Wang Han’s live broadcasting pit” was cancelled after the brush order, and the goods were not delivered in the end. As for the previous screenshots of the circle of friends, some businesses said that Midea was sent by a shop on an e-commerce platform. < / P > < p > in response to Wang Han’s suspected “bill swiping” behavior, Wang Han’s signing party, Galaxy Zhongxing, replied that “this is false”. The company does not have any fictitious data or purchase traffic behavior, but only helps the e-commerce platform account to perform a live broadcast. There is no need to brush the bill. The refund after this brush has the characteristics of malicious attack. At present, the platform is involved in the investigation, and the specific source of the attack has not been identified. < / P > < p > these days, there is a screenshot of the circle of friends circulating on the Internet, saying that on November 6, our shop participated in the “Shunde special live broadcast” by Wang Han, an artist of Galaxy stars live broadcasting organization. The broadcasting fee was 10W (10000 yuan), 1323 sets were sold on the same day, and 1012 sets were refunded, and the refund rate was 76.4%. < / P > < p > the content of the circle of friends also said that what made people angry was that a large number of refund orders were swiped during the live broadcast, leading to false transaction warnings from the platform. On the same day, other Shunde merchants had the same experience. So far, the bank (should be “River”) stars did not give a solution. < p > < p > the Red Star capital Bureau checked the live broadcast of that day and found that Wang Han’s live broadcast with goods was launched at 18:51 p.m. on November 6, with a total of 4.603 million viewers. During the live broadcast, more than 30 household appliances were recommended, including health pot, clothes dryer, cervical massage instrument, etc. < / P > < p > when the reporter contacted the cooperative merchants at that time, the official flagship store of Xiaoxiong electric appliance, the exclusive store of auch Haixun, the super domain store of Lekang and the flagship store of yunmi water purification said that there was no large number of returns during the live broadcast, and the current order status and delivery were normal. Delma flagship store is not clear about the relevant situation. < / P > < p > when the reporter contacted Midea microwave appliance flagship store in the name of a merchant, the customer service staff said very warily, “we are also trapped by Wang Han’s live broadcast! Even if the data is not good, we still have to do something fake to brush the bill, and then we will return it. ” At the same time, the customer service confirmed to the reporter that the screenshot of the circle of friends circulated on the Internet was released by the staff of another beautiful shop. The flagship store of cuckoo, which participated in the live broadcast activities, also said that many customers contacted to cancel the order and returned the goods the next day without delivery at all. The customer service said that 50 dishwashers were returned that day, and the return rate has exceeded 70%. It is not convenient to disclose the specific delivery situation. For the platform processing, customer service said that Taobao had no punishment for the abnormal order, but the opening fee of 100000 yuan would not be refunded. < p > < p > according to relevant data, the title of Wang Han’s live program with goods is “starting for the better”, which was launched on May 17 this year, and Wang Han served as the Promotion Ambassador (that is, the anchor). In addition to Wang Han, there are more than a dozen stars including Jijie, long Zijia and Huang Ying. < / P > < p > in view of the screenshots of the circle of friends circulating on the Internet, the Red Star capital Bureau contacted Mr. Fan, the agent of Wang Han, who said that he needed to contact the galaxy stars for live broadcasting, and he was not very clear about the specific situation. < p > < p > subsequently, the Red Star capital Bureau contacted Galaxy Zhongxing company, and its staff members denied that Wang Han’s live broadcast swiping was “fake”, and said that galaxy Zhongxing was only helping an e-commerce platform account to perform a live broadcast, so there was no need to brush the bill and there was no such motivation. “If there are a large number of false orders, the platform will start to control. Galaxy stars only made the execution on the same day, only charged platform service fees, and did not directly contact with businesses. ” The staff of Galaxy stars also said that the Commission of all live broadcasting must be real transaction before the business can pay the live broadcast account. Moreover, the Commission is paid on the official channel account of the platform, which has nothing to do with Wang Han and Galaxy stars. “If there is no real deal after the return, there is no commission.” In addition, on the evening of November 12, Shanghai Galaxy Zhongxing e-commerce Co., Ltd. also issued a statement saying: on November 7, 2020, a friend circle claiming to be a member of the brand side announced that our company had swiped orders during the live broadcasting process. According to our investigation, this person was not a staff member of the brand side, and the publisher has released the circle of friends again to correct his remarks 。 Galaxy stars said in a statement that the company has always been adhering to the concept of integrity management and has never had any fictitious data or purchasing traffic. In the process of live broadcast, a large number of back order swiping behaviors have the characteristics of malicious attacks. At present, the platform has been involved in the investigation, and it is reasonably suspected that it is the unfair competition behavior of the third party by means of bill swiping. At present, according to the preliminary judgment of the red star, the staff of the Public Security Bureau of galaxy are involved in the malicious attack. But the exact source of the attack has not been found out. < p > < p > Red Star capital Bureau has noticed that at present, the chaos of live broadcasting with goods is frequent, especially the falsification of flow data. Many stars use traffic to avoid the embarrassment of low popularity. Anchor and MCN organizations also hope to charge higher pit fees with beautiful data. < p > < p > according to Tencent News, among the 3.11 million audience at the end of the day, only less than 110000 of the 3.11 million audience at the end of the day actually existed, while most of the “fans” who interacted with Li Xueqin in the comment area were machine drawn. < / P > < p > there is also an e-commerce platform business told the Red Star capital bureau that, compared with the current “Wang Han live broadcasting brush”, the previous charge for participating in the live broadcast of other stars was 200000, and the final sales volume was only 20000. < / P > < p > in order to strengthen the management of internet live marketing information content service and promote the healthy and orderly development of internet live marketing industry, the official website of the state Internet Information Office released the “Regulations on the management of internet live marketing information content service” (hereinafter referred to as “the Regulations”) on the afternoon of November 13, and is seeking public opinions from the public. < p > < p > < p > the regulation requires that the live marketing platform should prevent and stop illegal advertising, price fraud and other violations of users’ rights and interests, and warn users of the risks of private transactions outside the platform in a significant way; a hierarchical management system should be established according to the credit evaluation of the operator’s account number, the number of concerns and clicks, the marketing amount and other indicators The operators of the live broadcasting room shall arrange special personnel for real-time inspection and extend the storage time of live broadcast contents. < / P > < p > Article 16 stipulates that operators of live broadcasting rooms and marketing personnel of live broadcasting shall abide by laws and regulations and relevant national regulations, abide by social public order and good customs, truly, accurately and comprehensively release commodity or service information, and shall not fabricate or tamper with data flow fraud such as attention, browsing volume, approval volume and transaction volume. Yan zhezhen, a special researcher of ecommerce research center and Beijing Yingke (Hangzhou) law firm, said that live bill swiping is a hidden rule of the live e-commerce industry. The release of this opinion draft emphasizes the governance of such hidden rules. In fact, there are relevant provisions in the laws and regulations before the e-commerce law and so on See also combined with relevant laws and regulations, live e-commerce also belongs to the situation that can be regulated by e-commerce law. Global Tech