At 1:00 a.m. Beijing time on October 14, 2020, the annual “Apple Spring Festival Gala” arrived as scheduled. Last night, when the iPhone was sold out, the netizens said that the iPhone was sold out in a few days, but it can be said that the iPhone was sold out in a few days. < / P > < p > in fact, the scene of “sell out immediately” has been foreshadowed as early as the appointment stage of e-commerce platform. As of 18:00 on October 15, more than 1.34 million people in the self-supporting flagship stores of Apple products on Jingdong Mall and Suning e-buy platforms have reserved iPhone 12 series mobile phones. < / P > < p > at the same time, the number of iPhone 12 appointments on Jingdong platform once exceeded 200000, and the self operated flagship store of Jingdong soon showed that it was out of stock; similarly, the situation of tmall platform was similar, and apple tmall flagship store also imposed restrictions on the purchase of two iPhones per model.

fruit make complaints about the strong attraction of iPhone 12, but this is in sharp contrast to the previous 12 iPhone Tucao situation. < / P > < p > in addition, the biggest complaint of consumers about the iPhone 12 series is that Apple has taken away the charging head and headset while defending the price of its 5g era products – the reason is that there are more than 2 billion Apple power adapters in the world, and we hope to reduce carbon emissions and protect the global environment by reducing the number of packaging and transportation. < / P > < p > there are a lot of chargers and headphones piled up in the user’s home. This decision is based on environmental protection. The iPhone has a lot of new features that appeal to consumers, and the pricing is right. < / P > < p > however, even the new package of iPhone 11 doesn’t send earphones and chargers. Recently, on overseas social platforms, some netizens posted a new version of iPhone 11’s packaging appearance video, and the video shows that the headset and power adapter have been cancelled. < p > < p > Samsung also said on its social platform that galaxy smartphones give you everything you want, from the most basic charger to the best camera, battery, performance, memory, and even a 120Hz screen. Ironically, Samsung also comes with a picture of a power adapter. < p > < p > as a result, the stem of “Shisanxiang” was also brushed on the screen – “never buy the iPhone 12 just released, because Wang Shouyi said Shisanxiang”. < / P > < p > let’s go back to August 19, 2020. On the same day, apple achieved a major milestone. Its market value once exceeded two trillion US dollars, becoming the first American enterprise to exceed two trillion US dollars in market value. < / P > < p > and the last time Apple achieved its market value milestone was on August 2, 2018. On that day, Apple’s share price continued to rise by more than $207.05, driving its market value to more than $1 trillion, mainly because of the good sales of the iPhone X. Two years later, facing the unexpected impact of the new crown epidemic, Apple’s market value seems to have exceeded $2 trillion without any impact. An important factor behind this is the iPhone 12 series, the first generation 5g iPhone of apple. According to the Wall Street Journal, the new iPhone will be a big bet for Apple’s future. Before that, many investors and analysts believed that Apple would usher in a “super big cycle”. For example, Katy Huberty, a well-known Apple analyst at Morgan Stanley, said: < / P > < p > it is expected that this conference will be the most important release event in many years. Apple is expected to ship about 220 million iPhones in fiscal year 2021, up 22% year on year. < p > < p > a few days before the launch, Apple’s share price was up sharply (6.35% on October 12, the biggest one-day gain in nearly two and a half months). At the beginning of the press conference, the stock price also rose slightly, but fell by 3.6% at the end of the conference, and finally fell 2.65% to $121.10. Although

is crazy about tucking up, but make complaints about the true fragrance of netizens, we can not help asking: is iPhone 12 worth buying? < / P > < p > for example, the return of classic right angle frame design in the era of iPhone 4, the unprecedented powerful video system, A14 bionic chip, wireless charging system MagSafe, support for China’s Beidou, and the “advanced” color matching of netizens call us more or less. < / P > < p > I still remember that in 2019, apple took two moves: one was to settle with Qualcomm, the other was to enter the 5g modem market, so Apple put 5g layout on its agenda. < / P > < p > now 5g iPhone has finally come out, which is one of the highlights of iPhone 12 and an important factor in promoting consumers’ purchase. However, it can not be ignored that Apple’s 5g speed of 4gbps is the result of testing under millimeter wave, which is basically useless in China. 5g seems to be just a kind of label, more like existence for existence. < / P > < p > the question of whether the new iPhone is worth buying actually comes up every year. But after all, there are a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand people. It is the most important to make their own thinking and judgment according to the actual needs. Apple extends AppleCare + purchase period: users can decide within 60 days