Video game developers often keep their mouth shut about their new projects, but in many cases, the game intelligence that has not been disclosed by the manufacturers will flow into the player group. One of the leaks is job recruitment. Warner recently released a new secret project for job recruitment. From February 11 to 12, Warner’s San Diego studio’s career page released at least 12 job recruitment information, all of which pointed to undisclosed new games. This information also caused speculation among the players.


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It should be noted that even the game intelligence pointed to by job recruitment information is only rumors. To say the least, Warner is just starting to recruit for the project. It may be several years before the project is really mature enough to be announced to players. In such a long period of time, everything is possible, and it is not uncommon for game projects to be cancelled halfway.

One of the job recruitment information released last week is game system designer. The new game listed is a “new 3A level free cross platform game”. As an initial project, this information has been very rich, but there are still many questions. Cross platform projects should refer to the mainstream host platform and PC, and free games are interesting. In recent years, there are more and more free games, but the profit models are different. It is not known which operation model Warner intends to use.

In the recruitment information, there are also some information about the role of the new work in the senior combat designer. The job recruitment information shows that the candidate should be able to “design diversified, unique and balanced abilities and moves for multiple roles”. That is to say, the characters in the new work will have different tricks. They may not be able to diversify by equipment like fortress night and call of Duty: Theater. And this information shows that the new work will have multiple operational roles.