Because of rising development costs and inflation, first-line game manufacturers such as Sony, T2 and Activision have publicly stated that the price of next generation games will rise to $70. Price increases seem to have become an infectious disease in major game manufacturers. Today (September 23), news shows that Warner’s games will follow suit. It seems that the next generation of game collective price hike is almost a foregone conclusion. < / P > < p > according to foreign game forum players, Warner’s two new games, Gotham Knight and suicide team: kill justice alliance, have a pre order price of 75 euro (about 595 yuan), which is lower than 80 euro (634 yuan) of Sony’s next generation game in the region After exceeding the regular price of this generation of 3A games in Italy (70 Euro). < / P > < p > although players and the media don’t want to see the price rise of the game in the upcoming next-generation game console war, industry figures, including take-2 CEO and Ares 4 producers, believe that price increases are needed, mainly due to the rising cost and the fact that they do not want the game to join the domestic purchase. However, for example, the next generation version of NBA 2k21 not only increases the price, but also includes internal purchase. For players, it is difficult not to increase the cost of the game. Global Tech