Many people have seen “water drop chip” in their circle of friends. Some of them need help from their relatives and friends, and some of them may be able to save a life when they see poor strangers and make a lot out of a little. The emergence of “water drop funding” has solved the difficulties for many seriously ill patients with financial difficulties.

However, in a long period of time, many seriously ill patients with financial difficulties encountered a dilemma in the process of fund-raising. The default time of fund-raising is one month. Once the fund-raising is launched, it will automatically terminate. This has brought great trouble to many patients who are in urgent need of money.

In response to this phenomenon, water drop funding launched the function of “collecting while raising” in August 2020. At present, the function has fully covered all fund-raising projects. According to relevant data, since the function of raising while fetching was launched, the withdrawal rate of shuidi platform’s help seeking project increased to 57% within seven days. In other words, nearly 60% of fund raisers will apply for and withdraw cash within seven days, which brings good news to many patients who are in urgent need of money.

At the same time, in order to cooperate with the function of “collecting while raising”, the function of “real-time payment” has been launched simultaneously, which speeds up the payment at three fixed time nodes every day in the original process to real-time payment (except the upgrade and maintenance time of the banking system). After the real-time payment function was launched, the average time of “quick cash withdrawal” on the platform was shortened from 6.65 hours to 56 minutes, with 600% improvement, and 99.4% of the help seeking cases could arrive within 24 hours. The average arrival time of “ordinary withdrawal” has also been shortened from 30 hours to 6 hours, and 80% of the withdrawal funds can arrive within 24 hours, which greatly improves the payment speed in the mechanism.

As a leading Internet service platform for serious illness help in China, shuidi chip is also the pioneer of raising zero service fee for serious illness in China. With its continuous pursuit of service, it has gained the trust of many caring people. I believe that in the future, shuidi chip will create a service mode more popular and trusted by users and lead the industry forward.