Alphabet’s waymo division, dedicated to autonomous vehicle technology, will work with Daimler in Germany to bring self driving semi trucks to the market in the future. However, the time frame remains to be determined. < / P > < p > the two companies are saying that Daimler will have a Freightliner cascade truck with waymo autopilot in the next few years. Daimler continues to push Freightliner in a new direction. < / P > < p > last year, it shipped the first batch of electric Freightliner semi trailers to us customers. Waymo will provide SAE class 4 autonomous driving capabilities for future Freightliner trucks, but this collaboration may also extend to other Daimler brands. Perhaps this is not a small hint that Daimler’s Mercedes Benz may get waymo autonomous driving technology. < / P > < p > so far, waymo says its robot driver has driven 20 million miles on public roads in 25 cities in the United States, and the technology has gone another 15 billion miles in waymo simulations. < / P > < p > in essence, waymo lets the technology drive in a virtual world, where it can encounter more difficult driving scenarios and learn more. Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities