Waymo, an autonomous driving company owned by alphabet, is reported to have asked its vehicle safety officers to accept the company’s stricter covid-19 epidemic safety agreement, adding that the company may not be able to continue to pay employees in the future, especially if its services have to be shut down again. < / P > < p > the head of transdev, a waymo contractor, sent an e-mail to drivers and support staff on Tuesday night, updating its employee policy and requiring employees to re sign an agreement that lists new rules, including wearing masks, unpaid segregation and disciplinary actions, such as the possibility of employees violating the new rules Facing dismissal. < / P > < p > the email was titled “urgent – covid security policy change” and transdev wrote: “this is a difficult time for all of us, especially near the holidays. We urgently need your help to ensure the safety of all. So keep in mind: strictly follow the work safety procedures that we specify and encourage your colleagues to do the same. ” < / P > < p > the company said it would hold a full staff meeting next week to discuss the details of each revised policy, which would take effect immediately. The company also urged employees to comply with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines on celebrating Thanksgiving “on this delicate Thanksgiving weekend,” as well as all other guidelines from national and local governments. < / P > < p > the company’s policy update comes at a time when the number of confirmed cases of covid-19 in the United States has reached a new high, which may lead to waymo closing its services again. Waymo suspended its operations earlier this year, just before the outbreak, and resumed operations only this summer. Waymo has done a lot of testing over the past decade and is now working to popularize scale operations. In October, the company launched its first fully driverless taxi service for the public in Arizona. < p > < p > on the new policy of “unpaid segregation”, the company said that if employees are isolated due to close contact with others at work, they can still be paid as usual. However, if the investigation finds out that the employees did not comply with the safety procedures, they would not be paid, adding that waymo would investigate the relevant employees. The email, sent on Tuesday, also warned that although the company had previously been able to pay employees in isolation, it may not continue to do so in the future. “< p > < p > < p > wrote:” so far, we have been very lucky to be able to pay people during the period of home-based epidemic prevention and compulsory isolation. But there is no guarantee that we will continue to do so in the future, especially if we need to shut down the service again. ” < / P > < p > the updated policy requires all employees to wear masks, except when eating or resting. A distance of 6 feet (about 1.8 meters) must be maintained between all workers. The new policy requires employees to remove masks only when they are working alone in isolation, outdoors, in a single restroom or in a closed office. < / P > < p > the new policy even specifies what types of masks employees should wear during work. “No logos, slogans or badges are allowed on cloth masks, except transdev or customer / agency logo brands. In addition, the mask must not have any kind of air valve or modified air flow system. ” According to the new policy, employees who fail to comply with the covid-19 safety procedures may be suspended for 5 days, during which their wages will be suspended and 7 points of performance may be deducted. If you violate the regulations again in the future, you may face additional points deduction or even be dismissed. Global Tech