Want to let children get good grades, but also to prevent myopia, this has become a parent’s worry, choose a reassuring reading and writing desk lamp, has become the choice of many parents. Nowadays, there are many reading and writing desk lamps in the market, which are also called eye protection lamps. Businesses claim that the light is sufficient and there is no stroboscopic light. It is a special product to protect children’s eyesight. So those so-called eye protection lamps on the market can really achieve the effect of eye protection? Recently, the Consumer Association of China and the Consumer Protection Commission of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places conducted a comparative test of reading and writing table lamps. Among the 73 samples, 61 samples failed to meet the standard. < p > < p > especially in the performance test, a large number of reading and writing desk lamp samples did not show the proper performance in terms of illumination and uniformity, stroboscopic, color temperature and general color rendering index. Among them, the color temperature of 24 samples is not within the reasonable range, which affects the comfort of use; the general color rendering index of 9 samples is low, which affects the correct color display of objects; 2 samples show high risk level in the flicker performance test; as many as 45 samples have low illumination or illumination uniformity, which do not meet the requirements of relevant standards. < / P > < p > an important reason for myopia is reading in a weak light environment. According to the testing agency undertaking the test task, the test of 45 batches of reading and writing desk lamps just reflects the situation that the illumination and illumination uniformity are not up to standard, which is not conducive to the protection of eyesight. < / P > < p > illuminance refers to the luminous flux projected on the unit area. Generally speaking, it is the degree of illumination of the object. If the illumination is too high or too low, it will affect the comfort of lighting. Uniformity means that the light should be uniform and there should be no light or dark. < / P > < p > according to the national standard “performance requirements for reading and writing desk lamps”, the minimum A-level illuminance shall not be less than 300lx in the 120 degree fan-shaped range with the projection origin under the lamp as the center and a radius of 30 cm away from the origin, and the minimum A-level illumination requirement shall not be less than 150lx in the relatively far range of 120 ° fan between 30 cm and 50 cm. However, the reporter saw that the illuminance of this reading and writing desk lamp tested by the engineer is only 28.4lx at 50cm away from the origin under the lamp, which is far from meeting the illuminance requirements of Grade A. < / P > < p > some products reach the standard of illumination, but there are light and dark, which can not meet the requirements of illumination uniformity; some products meet the requirements of uniformity, but the illuminance value is too small, and the light is not bright enough; some products can not meet the standard requirements for both indicators. < p > < p > among the brands whose illuminance and illuminance uniformity are not up to standard, there are some reading and writing table lamp brands widely recognized by consumers: four different specifications of products with the nominal name of Philips, two batches of products with the nominal name of OSRAM, one batch of products with the nominal name of Opel, and the reading and writing table lamps with the nominal names of YAVIS, good eyesight, Midea and Haier The uniformity does not meet the minimum A-level requirements. One of the products with the nominal Philips specification of 66044 has an illumination of 7.4lx in the 30-50cm fan-shaped range. < / P > < p > in this comparative test, it was also found that the flicker performance of some reading and writing desk lamps reached a high risk level. Test engineers told reporters that this means that long-term use of such products is likely to cause vision loss or other diseases. < p > < p > the national standard GB t 9473 “performance requirements for desk lamps for reading and writing” clearly lists the effects of flicker on health, including induced epilepsy, visual disorder, visual impairment, etc. < / P > < p > the test engineer stressed that it is worrying that such flicker is not visible to the naked eye. In many seemingly soft light, consumers think it has no effect, but it may have hidden risk of flicker. Bai Yanrong, test engineer of Changzhou standard inspection product quality inspection Co., Ltd.: we have a simple method to judge (flicker). For example, we use the camera function of mobile phone to directly illuminate the light source of this lamp. The phenomenon that the eyes can see clearly is stroboscopic phenomenon. If the flash is very serious, the risk is relatively high. After further professional tests on this kind of reading and writing desk lamp, engineers found that the fluctuation depth indexes for evaluating flicker level exceeded the limit value of low-risk level. Two batches of high-risk scintillation products appeared in this test, with the nominal brands of Philips and OSRAM respectively. < p > < p > director of Changzhou standard inspection product quality inspection Co., Ltd Huang Ke: for a long time in this kind of stroboscopic relatively serious area, often see the kind of flicker, retina including pupil, it will expand or shrink with this kind of flicker (light), repeatedly in the process of expansion and reduction will produce a visual fatigue, may cause a visual deterioration, serious may also produce headache and epilepsy Some symptoms and diseases. < / P > < p > there are more and more products with adjustable light for some reading and writing desk lamps on the market. The light source of these lamps can be adjusted to white, yellow and other colors according to the user’s preference. The test engineer told reporters that among these color light sources, the warm light source with color temperature lower than 4000K is visually comfortable, which is not easy to produce visual fatigue, and is more suitable for long-term reading and learning. The high color temperature of the cold light source blue, although refreshing, but easy to produce fatigue. However, the color temperature of 24 batches of samples has exceeded 4000K. And there is no warning to the user. The measured color temperature of many products has reached 6000K, which is equivalent to the color temperature of sunlight. Bai Yanrong, test engineer of Changzhou standard inspection product quality inspection Co., Ltd.: high color temperature is not conducive to our work in normal reading and writing state, which is easy to cause visual fatigue and discomfort, and easy to cause myopia. < / P > < p > in our daily life, some tabletops may be tilted. The national standard requires that the reading and writing desk lamp should not tilt when the angle is 6 degrees. In the test of several lamp engineers, there are dumping. In this test, the six models failed to meet the standard requirements in the stability test. Zhang Yong, test engineer of Changzhou standard inspection product quality inspection Co., Ltd.: if teenagers or children fall over when using this kind of lamp, it may cause certain damage to human body. When it comes to heavy lamps and lanterns, it is also very serious to human body. < / P > < p > if the light source temperature of reading and writing desk lamp is relatively high, it may also cause the risk of scald. The reporter learned that for reading and writing desk lamps with tilt safety risk, the design of lamp base is generally unreasonable and there is no counterweight, which leads to certain safety risks. < p > < p > this comparative test involves 51 brands, including 46 domestic brands and 5 foreign brands. The price range ranges from 30 yuan to more than 1600 yuan. Some brands with high recognition among consumers actually perform poorly in multiple performance tests. < / P > < p > in the products with poor performance in illuminance and illumination uniformity, flicker, color temperature and other performance tests, the names of famous brands such as Philips and Opel appear many times. < / P > < p > in the sales places, no matter whether there is a clear “eye protection lamp”, the merchants will claim that the products they sell are eye protection lamps. Recently, the reporter visited a number of shopping malls, supermarkets and wholesale markets selling reading and writing table lamps. He found that as soon as the table lamps for children’s learning were mentioned, businesses began to sell them in the name of eye protection lamps, claiming that they were selling eye protection lamps specially for learning. < p > < p > in recent years, the proportion of young people with myopia is increasing year by year, and the myopia is getting younger and more serious. According to the latest survey data of National Health Commission, the overall myopia rate of children and adolescents is 53.6%. The severe situation of vision health has also given birth to the concept of “healthy lighting”, which has brought a broad market space for reading and writing desk lamps. At present, there are tens of thousands of enterprises of LED related products in China. However, the reporter learned that there are more than 100 enterprises with a certain scale. < / P > < p > a large number of enterprises have different scales and different requirements for quality. Especially for some small-scale enterprises, the process level and quality control are still at a low level, resulting in the quality situation of reading and writing desk lamp products put into the market. Huang Ke, director of Changzhou standard inspection product quality inspection Co., Ltd.: in the national standard gb7000.204, the performance test item of contrast degree and illumination uniformity does not explicitly put forward a performance index. It’s just that such a test item will be put forward on the recommended standard of GB / t-9473, including the requirements of parameters. Therefore, many enterprises have not done very detailed and implemented the recommended standard in order to meet the national mandatory standard, so it will cause so many batches of substandard phenomenon. < p > < p > at present, the Consumer Association of China and the Consumer Protection Commission of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places have fed back the comparative test results of reading and writing desk lamps to relevant enterprises, and urge enterprises to carry out targeted product process transformation, improve the relevant performance of products, and provide more comfortable products for the market. < p > < p > the Deputy Secretary General of Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Commission is on the top: it is the operator’s obligation to produce and sell products that meet the needs of consumers. However, it should be a higher pursuit and goal for our operators to pursue better performance on the basis of qualification and provide more comfortable desk lamps for consumers, especially the vast number of students when reading and writing. Apple extends AppleCare + purchase period: users can decide within 60 days