Weichuang, a contract manufacturer that helped Apple assemble iPhones in India, apologized on Saturday for wage arrears and other labor law violations, and took a number of measures to solve the problem, foreign media reported. < p > < p > on December 12, workers broke windows, overturned cars, threw stones and office appliances, and lit the logo of Weichuang at the Weichuang factory near Bangalore, India’s science and technology center. Labor leaders said workers were angry at Weichuang’s wage arrears, confusion of normal working hours and overtime. A spokesman for wetrong said the company had conducted an investigation and found that the complaints from employees were legal. To solve this problem, the company fired its vice president in charge of its India business, opened an anonymous complaint hotline and provided other forms of assistance to its employees. At the same time, apple said its independent investigation also found problems. “Our preliminary findings indicate that the supplier has violated the code of conduct due to the failure to implement an appropriate working time management process,” the company said in a statement. Weichuang will not receive new orders from apple until corrective actions are completed. ” < / P > < p > labor leaders in Bangalore said that the outbreak of violence among Weichuang workers was not caused by the government’s new regulations, but by the lack of communication and confusion. New employees don’t understand why they can’t get paid on time and the salary is lower than expected. < / P > < p > Wegener has been assembling iPhones in Indian factories for many years and is seen as one of the first victories of the Indian government’s efforts to promote “made in India”, proving that India can make some of the most cutting-edge mobile phones. Global Tech