As early as July, Intel NUC 9 extreme was available for purchase. Even though it is only 5L in size, the Mini PC offers impressive performance. In addition to running Windows 10, it can also be used as a fairly practical Linux host. Now adata has also launched the Gaia Mini PC model under XPG brand. It is based on Intel NUC platform solution, supplemented by 32GB XPG memory + 2TB XPG solid state disk. < / P > < p > in other words, it’s an Intel NUC quasi system that’s crammed into Megan’s XPG storage products, with the XPG logo on the front. The XPG Gaia Mini PC has a compact 5L shape, saving valuable desktop space and keeping it clean, according to Weigang. < / P > < p > the size of XPG Gaia is very suitable for small spaces such as dormitories and SOHO offices. Portability is also an advantage of XPG Gaia. For example, users can easily bring it to the site of LAN parties. In terms of storage, XPG Gaia is equipped with 2 × 16GB dual channel ddr4-3200 memory. At the same time, it also supports Intel’s XMP 2.0 worry free overclocking configuration file. In terms of power supply, < / P > < p > it adopts the powerful and efficient flex ATX style. It has a rated power of 500W, has a low noise level of 40dB, and has obtained 80 plus platinum certification. < / P > < p > it’s worth mentioning that you will also get a $60 Marvel Avenger alliance game when you buy it. Unfortunately, Weigang has not yet announced the exact price and launch date of the XPG Gaia Mini PC. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen