There is a news on the Internet that a Zhengzhou Weilai es8 car owner only spent 140000 yuan for a flat tire. The owner of the accident, Mr. Zheng, expressed his strong dissatisfaction with Weilai brand through the network platform. However, Weilai’s response reversed the plot. < / P > < p > at first, Mr. Zheng said that he picked up the car in August 2018, and the purchase price was 548000 yuan, including the “service worry free” contract of Weilai. On the night of September 3 last year, he had a bicycle accident while driving. His wheel hit the roadside ditch and had a flat tire. The wheel hub of the car was also a little deformed. < p > < p > after a year’s lapse, Wei Lai responded to the matter on October 27. Qin Lihong, chairman of the board of directors, said in an email that the dispute originated from the owner’s failure to report the case in time after the accident. At present, a solution has been provided for Mr. Zheng and a compromise has been reached. < / P > < p > in the letter, Qin Lihong denied the authenticity of “140000 yuan for one wheel rim”. In addition to the wheel rim, the chassis and suspension system of the accident vehicle were also seriously damaged, so the overall maintenance cost of 140000 yuan is reasonable. In addition, Pacific Insurance said that Mr. Zheng didn’t report the case to avoid affecting the next year’s commercial insurance premium because he considered that the vehicle was only a flat tire. Later, he reported the case to the police when he found that the vehicle was seriously damaged. < / P > < p > in the end, Taiping Zhengzhou branch refused to support the 146846.17 yuan compensation for maintenance costs, while Weilai side undertook all the costs, and Mr. Zheng only needed to “symbolically” pay some costs. Global Tech