As a high-end luxury brand of domestic cars, Weilai sold the es8 from the beginning to 468000 yuan, which is comparable to the same level of BBA, and also created a new height of domestic car price. And in terms of user experience, Weilai is well-known among car owners, even surpassing many domestic luxury brands. However, with the increase of Weilai’s delivery volume, the experience satisfaction of car owners has not been improved with the sales volume, and even some owners doubt that Weilai has made him worse. At that time, Mr. Zheng spent more than 50 million yuan on the service of Weiyou in August of 2018. However, on September 3, this year, Mr. Zheng accidentally drove his vehicle into a roadside ditch, causing the wheel hub of es8 left front wheel to break and the tire to be damaged. < p > < p > at that time, Mr. Zheng didn’t apply for insurance. After calling Weilai’s after-sales personnel, the other party prompted Mr. Zheng that the Weilai service worry free package you purchased for your vehicle could let Weilai be responsible for vehicle maintenance without paying for it. < p > < p > after a few days, when Mr. Zheng went to the delivery center to pick up the car, he found that the four wheel hubs of the vehicle had been replaced, and there were dozens of items in the maintenance list, and the cost was as high as 146000 yuan. < p > < p > the insurance company refused to pay, and the money had to be paid by Mr. Zheng himself. Seeing this situation, Mr. Zheng was confused and questioned the over maintenance of the after-sales center. < p > < p > in this regard, the after-sales personnel told him that his es8 purchased all risks insurance and could take insurance. However, on October 16, Mr. Zheng received a notice of rejection from the insurance company, and the reason is still unknown. However, Mr. Zheng suspected that it was related to over maintenance after sales. After all, one tire was damaged, but four tires were replaced. No one could understand the maintenance logic. After being exposed by the media, this incident has also attracted the attention of Weilai officials. Qin Lihong, President of Weilai automobile, responded: the chassis of the vehicle is also damaged, and the maintenance cost is reasonable, but the management problems exposed in the service should cover the losses of users. IPhone 12 whole family barrel model exposed: it’s a tribute to iPhone 4