Weilai official micro blog said that on the morning of October 9, the headquarters of Weilai China, located in the economic development block of Hefei area of Anhui pilot Free Trade Zone, was officially opened. At the end of April this year, Weilai signed an agreement with Hefei Construction Investment Holding (Group) Co., Ltd., SDIC Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Anhui high tech Industry Investment Co., Ltd., obtaining the investment of the latter three companies of RMB 7 billion and jointly establishing Weilai (Anhui) Holding Co., Ltd. Most of the domestic business and assets of Weilai automobile (priced at 17.77 billion yuan) will be injected into Weilai (Anhui) holding company. In the end, nioinc (listed entity) held 75.9% of the shares, and investors held 24.1% of the shares. The implementation of

Wei China means that the Chinese mainland has substantial financing entities, and has a certain amount of capital to launch the following actions one by one. Li Bin, the leader of Weilai, once said,. “Welai will have more abundant capital, will further open up RMB financing channels, and also has the conditions for IPO in China’s capital market.” Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen