The much anticipated Blizzard Carnival will be held online live from February 20 to February 21, 2021. Recently, Kaiser 499, a famous promoter, revealed the contents of the blizzard carnival. Judging from the lineup of the game, it seems that it is full of fierce news. Please look forward to it.


Alibaba cloud’s “warm cloud” theme activity – 30 million subsidies to help SMEs break through the cold winter

·Kaiser499, a twitter user, has previously revealed the contents of Diablo 4 and watchman 2, which are highly authentic in the minds of players. The content of Blizzard carnival is worth referring to

·World of Warcraft “burning expedition” costume

·Remaking of Diablo 2

·New development package of the legend of hearthstone

·Release date of Diablo: immortality (mobile game)

·Announce mobile games (or multiple?) (Warcraft pet battle game)

·The new hero, map and story preview of vanguard 2

·The new class and new area of Diablo 4