Recently, Zelda dungeon, a well-known Zelda intelligence station abroad, published a column, calling Nintendo, saying that the 35 year old princess Zelda also needs a black girl. Alexis Anderson, the columnist of the station, made this proposal. He analyzed his suggestions from several aspects and aroused the resonance of many netizens. The following opinions are from this reporter.


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It’s a pity that the legend of black women can’t be established in the 35 year history of white princess Zelda.

Black women in the United States are often criticized, not enough to be taken seriously. If Princess Zelda is black, black women will no longer be second-class characters and can convey important heroic images.

Both Selda and link are white people. The legend of Selda easily gives people the impression that white people manage the world.

The main characters in the legend of Zelda series can be changed almost without explanation.

The blackness of Princess Zelda will become the exact evidence of setting up the hero image in the blackness. Nintendo should show the important link of using games to convey the liberation of the repressed concept of society.