According to Taiwan media reports, Wenmao semiconductor, the world’s largest producer of gallium arsenide wafers, has added orders for the front and rear lens TOF sensor and lidar (laser radar) of the iPhone 12 this year, and has recently started mass production and shipment. Taiwan media said that Wenmao’s operation in the fourth quarter is expected to maintain high-end, and if the sales of new iPhones are better than expected, it is expected to get Apple’s pursuit. < p > < p > according to the report, iPhone 12 will launch 4G and 5g versions this year; the number of PA (power amplifier) of 5g version will be at least two to five more than that of 4G version, and apple is regarded as the main sales model, and Wenmao is one of the main suppliers. Compared with 4G PA, 5g PA is more difficult in process and more complex in technology. Therefore, the unit price of the product is higher, which helps to improve the gross profit margin. Moreover, it is not easy to adjust the production equipment. Therefore, the newly purchased equipment needs a period of time to be put into production and needs to be prepared in advance. Established in 1999, Wenmao semiconductor is located in Linkou Huaya science and technology park. It is the first professional wafer foundry service company in the world to produce GaAs MMIC with 6 inch wafers. In addition to RFIC design houses, Wenmao’s customer base is committed to attracting cooperation with global integrated component manufacturing (IDM) manufacturers. Global Tech