It was reported on September 13 that Wenmao semiconductor, the world’s largest producer of gallium arsenide wafers, recently said that the company’s investment in Taiwan’s Nanke Kaohsiung park had been successfully approved. Through continuous investment and development of advanced compound semiconductor technology and continuous expansion of production capacity, Wenmao has already become the world’s largest compound semiconductor wafer foundry. By the third quarter of this year, the total monthly production capacity of Taoyuan plant will reach 41000 pieces. According to Wenmao, the demand for 5g and Wi Fi related handheld devices and base stations will continue to be optimistic, as well as the increasing popularity of optoelectronic components. Established in 1999, Wenmao semiconductor is located in Linkou Huaya science and technology park. It is the first professional wafer foundry service company in the world to produce GaAs MMIC with 6 inch wafers. In addition to RFIC design houses, Wenmao’s customer base is committed to attracting cooperation with global integrated component manufacturing (IDM) manufacturers. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia