If the release of stadia, Google’s cloud game platform, is gloomy, it is too understatement. In addition to the lack of a large number of game lineups, it also has more other problems. One of the problems is the false publicity. Games like destiny 2 are not presented in 4K resolution on stadia as described by Google. Now, Google may face a class action lawsuit over a game described as 4K on stadia.


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Recently, a lawsuit originally filed in New York in October 2020 surfaced shortly after it was moved to New York federal court. The case said Google “greatly exaggerated the quality of streaming media and display resolution” in order to increase the number of subscriptions before the launch of the platform. When Google launched stadia, it made it clear that all games would run in 4k60 frame mode. But Google later clarified that some games would run at a lower resolution.

Although Google’s statement is indeed misleading, the problem is ultimately caused by poor communication and poor management. In fact, the hardware behind stadia is more powerful than PS4 and Xbox one, and the game supports 4K. Destiny 2 lacks 4K on stadia, some of which are due to the fact that developers in Bungie give priority to the number of frames and choose to reduce the resolution. At the same time, many other games on stadia offer 4k30 frame mode. However, it is worth noting that Google does not provide information such as the resolution of the game when users purchase the game.

The lawsuit said that in response to more and more complaints from players, Google “failed to explain its false and misleading statements” and issued a statement, and did not publicly correct its suspected misleading statements.

“As a result of Google’s actions, hundreds or even thousands of articles and reports in the United States and around the world contain misleading statements that will affect consumers’ decisions.” “Google has not taken any measures to correct false information about the resolution of the game on stadia, and will not disclose the actual resolution of the game to consumers in the stadia store,” the lawsuit said

If the lawsuit is passed, all users who buy stadia’s promotional service with 4K resolution can seek compensation from Google.