“Five fold up for XXX” Note that this is not an ad in a hypermarket, it could be an ad on a shared bike. Recently, a reporter from zhongxin.com found that a brand of sharing bicycles has launched a voice advertisement, and a voice advertisement will appear when halo bicycle opens and closes the lock. The content of the advertisement involves a well-known home appliance store. On social media, many netizens share this change. < / P > < p > “will the next step be to share bicycles and cycle voice advertisements until you get off the bus” “imagine if all shared bicycles become voice billboards running…” < / P > < p > “it cost me 1.5 yuan to sweep a hello bike. There is a voice advertisement when the lock is unlocked, and a voice advertisement comes when the lock is closed. Users and businesses charge for it!” < / P > < p > “it doesn’t hurt much. Don’t ask you to read the advertisement in the app before you can unlock it. It’s also good to share bicycles and get some new profit models. Otherwise, it’s not a circular economy to rely on previous subsidies and crazy bike sales. ” < / P > < p > “if you can ride, I don’t think about so many tools for walking, just to improve efficiency. It won’t disturb me. I really didn’t notice. After all, it makes money. I improve my efficiency to work and make money. There is no conflict. ” < / P > < p > “as long as it is not broadcast while walking, it can be broadcast once it is unlocked.” “As long as it’s cheap, I can stand it voice broadcasting all the way.” < / P > < p > due to the lack of a clear profit model, some bike sharing enterprises have experienced a financial crisis after experiencing large-scale money burning expansion, and the whole industry has also experienced a tragic reshuffle. One of the two big bike sharing giants, ofo and Moby, fell down and the other was “incorporated”.

, especially ofo, is almost evaporating. Although ofo tries to make money, APP changes the online shopping website, the official account changes the marketing number, but the user’s refund is still in the air. Every time it is hard to get rid of the deposit, it is criticized for the hot search. The founder of the company has received another restriction on consumption. < / P > < p > the bike sharing market is also recovering gradually. Taking Beijing as an example, the number of bicycle rental trips on the Internet has rebounded rapidly. Starting from April 2020, the average daily riding volume will catch up with and surpass the level of the same period last year. As of September 21, the average daily riding volume exceeded 3 million, of which, on September 17, the daily riding volume reached 3.559 million, which became the new highest value in history. However, the high operation and maintenance costs of bike sharing enterprises and the high discount and loss make the profits of bike sharing enterprises worried, especially the limited realization channels. In many places, bike sharing advertising is prohibited. < p > < p > taking Beijing as an example, in accordance with the requirements of the guiding opinions of Beijing Municipality on encouraging and standardizing the development of shared bicycles (for Trial Implementation), vehicles should meet the national and industrial standards, and vehicle borne satellite positioning devices should be installed, and commercial advertisements should not be set. < / P > < p > with huge users and high operating costs, but car body advertising can not be done. How to make a profit and survive has become a difficult problem for bike sharing enterprises. The voice advertising appeared this time is also regarded as a kind of exploration and attempt to find a new way for bike sharing enterprises to seek profits. Zhao Zhanzhan, a lawyer from Beijing Zhilin law firm, told zhongxin.com that it is normal business behavior to launch voice advertising by bike sharing, which should also be one of the profit models of bike sharing. However, it is true that the user experience is not good, and this should be taken into account. After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today