After more than ten years of cultivation, the era of electric vehicles has arrived. The market is constantly updated, and the demand is also constantly updated. The new force of car making is the product born under the market demand. From the first year of the birth of the new force in 2015, after five years of development, this group has also ushered in different fates. On the one hand, Weilai, ideal, Xiaopeng and Weima are flourishing in official career; on the other hand, beiteng, sailin, Bojun and Qiantu are constantly thundering. In 2020, it seems to be a watershed for the new forces of car manufacturing. < / P > < p > it takes five years for the new forces to go from being the favorite of the times at the beginning, to being popular in the mid-term, and then to the current situation with mixed reputation and reputation. After spending hundreds of billions of funds, what does the entry of new forces bring to new energy travel? What have auto companies done? < / P > < p > the trend of new energy vehicles replacing traditional internal combustion engine vehicles is irreversible. The development of new energy vehicles, including traditional automobile enterprises, has become the main theme. Five years ago, it was hailed as the first year of the birth of the new force of automobile manufacturing. According to the statistics of public data, the number of newly registered automobile enterprises was more than 100. < p > < p > after the downturn of the auto market this year, the financing is not smooth, and the hot trend of car manufacturing has subsided, the new force groups have also completed the reshuffle, and the new forces such as Byron, sailin, Qiantu, Bojun, Ranger and other new forces have been eliminated one after another. < p > < p > IPO is the most direct performance among the top auto companies. In addition to Weilai and ideal, the four top auto companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange on the evening of August 27, Beijing time, and became the third largest new force auto company to be listed in China. Weima has also been exposed to IPO plans recently. It is expected that Weima will land on the science and technology innovation board as soon as possible this year. The four leading auto companies in China are ready to rush into the capital market. < / P > < p > in 2020, the pattern of new power automobile enterprises will be basically solidified, and the financing will be basically carried out around the four leading automobile enterprises. However, up to now, in the first half of 2020, the new auto manufacturing forces have publicly raised no more than five times, with an accumulated amount of only 13 billion, compared with about 96 billion in 2017. The scale of financing has dropped by nearly 70%. Therefore, it is urgent to obtain development through listing financing. < p > < p > according to the prediction of CAAC, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China will reach 1.1 million in 2020, which is nearly 100000 compared with the sales of 1.2 million new energy vehicles in 2019. From January to July this year, the cumulative sales of new energy vehicles in China were 496000, a decrease of 42% over the same period of last year, including 380000 pure electric vehicles and 11.6 plug-in hybrid vehicles If the market scale of new energy vehicles can not be greatly expanded, it will inevitably have a certain impact on the new forces of vehicle manufacturing. < / P > < p > the scale of the market has shrunk, and the traditional automobile enterprises are also undergoing transformation. More and more new energy vehicles have been put into the market, and Tesla is also eyeing. How should the new power automobile enterprises break through the encirclement to maintain the continuous growth of vehicle sales after listing has become a thorny issue at present. There is a strong correlation between the stock market and the sales volume of automobiles. Compared with the financing parties, the stock market is almost zero tolerance. Any negligence or mistake will inevitably lead to the decline of the stock price. Most practitioners will converge on this point. Sales volume is the only way out for new listing forces and an important key point to maintain stability. For a listed company, the number of such losses is indeed very large, but there is a precedent of huge losses in Tesla, which shows that the loss is the process that every new auto enterprise must go through before it succeeds. < / P > < p > from 0, everything needs money, not to mention the automobile industry, which is one of the most expensive. Loss is not a problem, why loss is more worthy of attention. < p > < p > excluding operating and publicity expenses, Weilai’s R & D investment in 2018 was 3.997.9 billion yuan, while that in 2019 was 4428.6 million yuan, accounting for one third of the loss. < / P > < p > the R & D expenditure of Xiaopeng in 2019 is 2.070 billion yuan, and the ideal R & D investment of Xiaopeng in 2019 and 2018 is 1.17 billion yuan and 790 million yuan respectively. According to the data, it can be seen that a large part of the losses of the head auto companies come from R & D investment. < / P > < p > large scale parts purchase integration is not the mainstream form in the new power automobile enterprises. The self research group obviously occupies the mainstream position in the dispute between the self research group and the integration group of the new automobile manufacturing forces. He Xiaopeng, co-founder of Xiaopeng automobile, told xinzhijia: apart from chips, Xiaopeng has already taken all the work of tier 1. As one of the leading auto companies of the new force, he Xiaopeng’s remarks also prove that Xiaopeng automobile will firmly embark on the road of self-study. < / P > < p > without criticizing the integrationist, adhering to the supply chain model in the early stage of enterprise establishment is a shortcut to success. Different strengths lead to different ideas and perspectives. < / P > < p > for the self-study group, self-study is the best way to open the gap, and the early stage is bound to be a painful process, but technical patents are also the best weapon to resist market risks. < / P > < p > in the future, cooperative R & D of parts and components will still be the mainstream choice in the automotive industry, but the ultimate competitiveness of automobile enterprises, in the final analysis, lies in their mastery of core technologies. According to the statistical data, the current loss rate of Xiaopeng G3 is 4.9%, which, combined with the selling price, is equivalent to a loss of 8000 yuan for each G3 sold. Although the new forces are generally in the loss stage, because the R & D costs, manufacturing costs, and promotion costs are very high investment for start-ups, as bystanders, we also need to reasonably treat the loss of new forces of car making. The huge losses are certainly terrible. Fortunately, the new forces recognize the importance of self-developed core technologies and are willing to invest in them. From the perspective of the new forces as a whole, self-study also dominates the mainstream. There is no such thing as “bringing in” in the initial stage of independent vehicles. For all new forces starting from zero, it is worth affirming that they adhere to the road of self-study. < / P > < p > Internet thinking is the corporate gene of new forces in car manufacturing. However, automobile must be a hardware product, which cannot be separated from manufacturing itself, and factories are required to turn all plans into reality. < p > < p > Weilai’s model has proved the feasibility of the automobile OEM mode. Ideal, Weima has chosen self built factory from the beginning, while Xiaopeng has chosen both OEM and self built factory. < p > < p > in fact, the ideal and self built factory mode of Weima is easy to understand, because Weilai OEM production has reflected the disadvantages of OEM to a certain extent. It is difficult to control the production standard, quality control, delivery speed and other aspects when the production is handed over to others. “Weima CEO Shen Hui has publicly said: if I choose to find someone else to produce, then I will not sleep every day.” Xiaopeng OEM and self built factory are also risk reduction behaviors. < p > < p > although there has been a dispute about the OEM mode, Weilai has finished the production line of 50000 mass production vehicles, which proves that the OEM mode is not infeasible. And Li Bin said: the cooperation between Weilai and Jianghuai is the biggest innovation in China’s automobile industry within ten years. < / P > < p > in the eyes of the public, OEM mode is very common in mobile phone and chip industries. For example, we are familiar with the OEM mode of Apple mobile phone and Huawei chip. Weilai is not the first one in the field of automobile, and the OEM mode has existed for a long time. For example, Magna Steyr factory has OEM Benz g and other models, but Weilai automobile is closest to us, so we are familiar with OEM. < / P > < p > at the same time, auto OEM has been officially endorsed. In 2018, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the administrative measures for road motor vehicle manufacturers and product access, which clearly encourages the mode of automobile OEM. < / P > < p > OEM is subtraction and asset light mode. Resources can be focused on R & D, and production is entrusted to OEM enterprises, which saves money and greatly reduces the cash flow pressure of new automobile manufacturing enterprises. In terms of the overall production environment of the domestic automobile industry, the overall situation is overcapacity, and the selection of OEM is also conducive to solving the problem of overcapacity, which is a reasonable allocation of social resources. < / P > < p > although there are many disadvantages of OEM at this stage, this mode is only in the initial stage, and has the opportunity and space to solve it. In the long run, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. It can reasonably control the production cost of the enterprise, which is also a risk transfer behavior, so that automobile enterprises can have more energy to invest in design, R & D and operation. < / P > < p > ideal, Weima and Xiaopeng, which have two modes in parallel, are right to insist on the idea of self built factories. However, more than 50000 Weilai mass production vehicles have been taken off the production line, which proves that the OEM mode is also feasible. With official endorsement, the OEM mode is expected to continue to expand in the automotive field. How did Tesla win? An automobile brand established only 17 years ago has quietly cut the biggest piece of cake in the new energy vehicle market, leaving a hundred year old auto company and an annual sales volume of tens of millions of vehicles far behind. < / P > < p > Tesla’s success stems from pure electric power, autonomous driving and distinctive products. It is also the success of Tesla that makes new forces firmly believe that starting from 0 to brand success can be achieved in a short time. < / P > < p > in the field of new forces, the four leading new forces have achieved distinctive product features, such as Weilai power exchange, ideal extended range, Xiaopeng intelligent driving, and Weima cost performance ratio. Each enterprise has its own bright spots, which also make consumers inadvertently remember these brands. < / P > < p > product power is of course important. Take Weilai as an example, in addition to the products, the excellent user experience has been portrayed in the corporate culture since its birth. It solves the users’ worries by means of door-to-door power exchange mode, charging pile installation, vehicle failure on call, mobile charging vehicle, etc. The short-term investment of these services is large, and the advantages outweigh the disadvantages in the long-term. < / P > < p > at this stage, you can question the service life and loss of Weilai. People who know Weilai will not question its service. There is no denying that the new force has such or other problems. There is no doubt that the overall user experience is better than that of traditional cars. < / P > < p > in terms of sales mode, almost all the new forces of automobile manufacturing have abandoned the traditional 4S store mode, and more adopt the same direct marketing mode (online and offline) of Tesla, which greatly improves the user’s pre delivery experience and after-sales experience. < / P > < p > it is still too early to draw a conclusion on which new car making force will win in five or ten years, but the one focusing on brand building, user experience and service is more likely to win in the competition. < / P > < p > the new energy reform is not only being implemented in China. With the annual sales volume of 360000 and the market value of Toyota which has successfully exceeded the sales volume of tens of thousands of years, Tesla has proved that the global market is eager for the structural transformation of travel mode. Of course, the existence of new forces has its value and significance. < / P > < p > from 15 years of explosive growth of new power automobile enterprises to more than 100, this phenomenon is abnormal phenomenon, but this phenomenon is even more abnormal if none of the domestic new power automobile enterprises survive in Nuo Da’s new energy market.

Internet plus financing + car get + delivery + listing get both praise and blame for the new force in the past five years. The new forces in the five years have indeed received mixed praise. But the new force groups have indeed accelerated the transformation of energy structure and accelerated the popularity of automatic driving and vehicle networking. < / P > < p > the new forces come too fast, and the process of development is also rapid. During this period, there are some catfish that disturb the market. It can not be denied that the new forces of car making have formed the industry influence in only five years, and through the formulation of emerging