According to the morning news on July 24, airpods are the most popular accessory for iPhone users. In IOS 14, Apple has added many new highlights to it. Foreign media macrumors summarizes some new features of airpods under IOS 14. Sina digital compiles for you. Apple IOS 14 has a number of new features, including a number of improvements to the way airpods and airpods Pro work with iPhones and iPads, such as spatial audio, automatic device switching, low battery notification, etc.

this feature supports only airpods pro, which needs to be used with iPhone 7 or above. According to apple, through the use of directional audio filters and fine tuning of the frequency received by each ear, spatial audio can “place” sound anywhere in the space, giving users an immersive audio experience while watching TV programs and movies. At the same time, space audio can also use the gyroscopes and accelerometers in airpods pro and iPhone to track head movement and device position.

in IOS 14, there is no need for manual setting, and airpods can seamlessly switch between different devices. For example, airpods will automatically switch over when a user finishes a phone call on his iPhone and picks up his iPad to listen to a podcast.

in order to maximize the service life of airpods, Apple has added an optimized battery charging function in IOS 14. Optimizing battery charging allows airpods to learn your daily charging habits. Apple has used similar battery optimization features on iPhones and Macs to extend the battery life of devices. Avoid keeping the lithium-ion battery in the maximum state of charge continuously, which can better keep the battery healthy for a long time.

the headset adaptation function is a barrier free function for people with poor hearing. It can amplify soft sounds and adjust the frequency to make music, movies, calls and other sounds clearer.

in addition, there is a custom audio setting that can be tested by speaking softly and different music to determine if you have a specific audio preference, which should be compensated by headphone adaptation.

the headset adaptation function can also be used with the transparent mode on airpods pro to make the quiet sound louder and adjust the surrounding sound to meet your audio needs.

Apple IOS 14 and watchos 7 have extended the function of hearing health protection. When users listen to music at excessive volume, iPhone will send a notice to Apple watch. Once the user reaches the value recommended by the World Health Organization, airpods will reduce the volume of the headset to the appropriate level. A new feature in sound and touch will be enabled in conjunction with sound down to analyze headphone audio and reduce sound above a certain decibel level, or users can choose to set it up themselves.

Apple has added a “listening” function to the control center, allowing users to see real-time volume levels to ensure sound volume security. Just swipe down and click on the ear icon (after adding it to the control center) to see it.

Apple has designed a motion API for airpods pro, which developers can take full advantage of. The motion API gives developers access to directions, user accelerations, and rotation rates, which are useful for fitness applications and games. Developers can build APIs into apps that airpods Pro users can download.