In a new report, mark gurman of the company describes Apple’s current succession plan for senior leadership positions. Apple is paying more and more attention to cultivating a new generation of leaders who will eventually take over senior positions in the company. With Apple CEO Tim Cook and his senior vice president management team approaching retirement age, gurman sources explained that Apple has done a lot of corporate planning to arrange for a younger generation of leaders. According to the report, if Tim Cook retires now, Jeff Williams, Apple’s current chief operating officer (CFO), is ready to take over as CEO. Williams is seen within the company as & quot; successor & quot; and he was responsible for Apple’s global operations under cook’s leadership. Previously, he led the development of the apple watch and various health programs, and recently began to take charge of hardware and software design. < / P > < p > most importantly, Williams is said to be very similar to cook in his pragmatic leadership style, an operational executive like cook rather than a product visionary like jobs or former design director Jony ive;. Williams is becoming more and more important to the company. < / P > < p > Craig federighi is the youngest of Apple’s top management teams and is likely to continue for several years, but there are already two people lining up to fill his position. These include Sebastien Marineau MES, vice president of intelligent systems experience, and Jon Andrews, who was previously head of coreos. If necessary, the two can take direct responsibility for Craig federighi’s position. < / P > < p > as many of Apple’s senior executives approach retirement age, key figures such as Phil Schiller and Jony ive will leave the company, and apple is seriously planning its future leadership team. Global Tech