With the development of static images and videos, smart phones have gradually become the most popular recording tools. In addition to the final imaging performance of the camera, the experience of the shooting process, and even the tools for sorting and editing the photo albums are also the influencing factors. < / P > < p > the reason why iPhone has always been dominant in image performance is that the natural and real imaging in the early stage and the perfect editing function in the later stage complement each other. < / P > < p > last year’s IOS / iPad OS 13 brought more user-friendly photo album editing functions, while this year’s IOS / iPad OS 14 mainly improved photo arrangement and camera performance / settings, which can be summarized as “more shooting, easier viewing.” < / P > < p > “better shooting” is mainly reflected in the following changes to the camera performance and settings in IOS / ipados 14: < / P > < p > the function of fast switching resolution and frame rate in the video mode previously exclusive to iPhone 11 series has realized the whole iPhone Coverage; < / P > < p > night mode has been optimized. Now when shooting, there will be an obvious level meter in the middle of the screen to help you keep stable, and the shooting process can be cancelled at any time. < / P > < p > volume key can complete different commands. Previously, holding down the volume plus or minus button is used to record video. Now, you can set and hold the volume plus or minus key to record video (iPhone X and above); < / P > < p > the fastest continuous shooting speed is increased by 90%, and the continuous shooting speed of iPhone 11 Pro Max updated to IOS 14 can reach 4 The continuous shooting speed of old devices has also been improved to a certain extent. < / P > < p > the “zoom function” can now be used in “album”, “personal collection”, “media type”, “shared album” and other places. It can be easily zoomed and zoomed by kneading or expanding two fingers, so as to quickly find the desired photos and videos. < / P > < p > Photos in albums now support “filtering” and “sorting”. The former can filter the contents of the album according to “personal collection”, “edited”, “video” and “photos”, while the latter can be sorted in chronological order or reverse order; < / P > < p > a new “description” function is added to photos, and photos with descriptions can be easily and quickly retrieved Content support syncing to icloud. SpaceX beat blue origin and Northrop Grumman to win a $316 million air force contract