With the arrival of IOS 14 beta 8 version, Apple has started the rhythm of updating the preview system one week, and the experience of the whole system has become stable, getting closer and closer to the arrival of the official version. In addition to the new widget and app resource library, the new native translation app of IOS 14, which was launched on wwdc20 this time, has also attracted much attention. After all, IOS has not launched a new tool app for a long time. < / P > < p > the new translation app, which supports the mutual translation of 11 languages, is still Apple’s machine learning and semantic understanding for many years, which is similar to Siri. Before IOS 14, users can use Siri to translate. After the whole machine learning technology is more mature, Apple will separate this function into an app, which can provide a more convenient experience in the translation process. This is also in line with Apple’s consistent practice: wait until the technology is mature enough, and then the application will land. < / P > < p > the translation app in IOS 14 may not be the same as what you understand. Now there are many third-party apps that provide dictionaries, sentence translation and other functions. What Apple wants to do is a translation app that is more suitable for conversation scenes. Therefore, the settings of many functions are different from the mainstream translation software on the market. There are not so many other functions to extend, and more focus on the translation itself. < / P > < p > is the same as the previous system On 14, you can still use Siri to translate. After Siri feeds back the results, click Siri results to automatically enter the translation app and display the results in Siri. When you turn the phone across the screen, you can enter the conversation mode. In the whole conversation mode, the core button has only one microphone. Compared with other complicated translation applications, multilingual dialogue will be more convenient Jie. < / P > < p > at the same time, in the conversation mode, in addition to Siri reading the translation results automatically, you can also click the bottom left button to enter the eye-catching mode, and display the translated results in full screen and high contrast, which is more convenient for the communication between different languages. The whole conversation mode is very friendly for users who often travel overseas. The full screen display of eye-catching mode also solves the embarrassment of not having a close talk at the cash register of convenience stores and fast food restaurants. < / P > < p > and thanks to Siri’s learning ability, it can also help translate apps to deal with the ambiguity between different languages. For example, many words in the same sentence are interpreted in different meanings, which will lead to the deviation of the whole sentence. In this case, Siri will appear a blue underline in the semantic ambiguity to remind the user to choose the meaning of the word and make the translation more accurate. < / P > < p > in addition to conversation mode, Apple also provides daily text input mode and dictionary function, which can interpret words and facilitate daily learning and searching. In the function bar of app, personal collection can display recent translation content, and common content can be saved at the top of the list to facilitate daily calling. < / P > < p > finally, the privacy that Apple has always attached great importance to is also reflected in the translation app. The app has a device only mode. Even if it is connected to the Internet, it will not carry out network transmission, but make full use of the neural network engine to maintain accurate offline translation. In some special occasions, such as business talks, medical treatment and private conversations, it ensures that all information is kept in the original To improve privacy and security. Global Tech