WhatsApp differs from other messaging applications in that its account is bound to your physical device and phone number, rather than being able to switch between multiple devices like user name and password, which means you can only use the app on one device at a time. That’s about to change, according to wabetainfo. Facebook will create a new user interface that allows users to associate and use multiple devices (up to four) at the same time with one identity.

the latest version of WhatsApp beta version ( has been found to include the above interface, which indicates that users will be able to log in to WhatsApp with the same identity from different channels such as PC, browser or Facebook portal, and users will also be able to connect different devices by using code passed through SMS or WhatsApp chat.

this means that the service mode of WhatsApp has changed greatly, and the applications on desktop and other platforms will become equally important terminals, rather than accessories of mobile applications. Maybe in some people’s opinion, this means the decline of privacy, because the identity verified by SMS may be stolen under certain conditions. This is a topic of different opinions.