In the latest beta version of IOS 14, some users found that instagram will expose unexpected errors. Some users reported that even if they were just browsing instagram’s message stream rather than taking pictures or videos, they would still see a green “camera on” prompt. An instagram spokesman confirmed the bug in an email to the verge and said the problem had been fixed.

it is understood that entering instagram’s creation mode may trigger the on light of the camera. In addition, this prompt may also be triggered when the camera interface is swiped from the message stream.

instagram will actually access the camera hardware only if the user explicitly tells us (for example, from the message stream to the camera interface).

we have found and fixed this bug in IOS 14 beta, which will incorrectly pop up the prompt when the app is not using the camera.

but in these unexpected cases, instagram does not actually access the camera hardware on the device and does not record anything.

in fact, this prompt is just one of the many privacy enhancements Apple has introduced for IOS 14. In previous reports, foreign media have introduced similar privacy reminders, such as which apps access the system’s clipboard in the background.