This year’s double 11 may be less dynamic than usual, but the time is long enough. The double 11 has become seven ones, that is, from November 1 to November 11. For such a long time and so much demand, the busiest person must be the express brother. In order to prevent the express warehouse burst and deliver it to users faster, before the double 11 of this year, major companies have been busy recruiting people. Only temporary employees have increased by 490000, which is more than 10% of the 4 million postal express employees in China. < / P > < p > Where does the large proportion of temporary labor come from? Is the income OK? How about the overall living conditions of express brother? Newsweek’s focus this week: the express brother in the context of double 11. This is the transfer center of Shentong express in Hefei. All express delivery from or to Anhui must be sorted here before being transferred to the next station. It was 12 o’clock in the night, but the lights were still bright in the factory, and each track was running at high speed. In order to cope with the huge cargo brought by the super long version of “double 11”, the staff have been busy for more than half a month for 24 hours. Wang Wei, manager of Hefei transfer center of Shentong express: we unloaded 70 vehicles from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. At present, our operation volume has increased from 300000 last week (every day) to about 570000 (per day). The peak value should be between 570000 and 600000. After the volume of goods in front of the assembly line increases, our own staff are inseparable from this line, so we can only hand over the work of placing and stacking goods to temporary personnel. Xiao Shen, 19 years old, is a sophomore in Hefei. This year, “double 11”, Shentong express through a third-party company to recruit him to do temporary work. The salary is 17 yuan per hour. From 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. the next day, a total of 12 hours, with 50 minutes of rest. His main job is to keep an eye on the express bill number on the track and quickly pick out the Express items sent to his responsible area. Temporary employment in Hefei transfer center of Shentong express Shen classmate: for example, today, I am responsible for (sending to) Zhejiang. The top three orders in Zhejiang are 320 to 399. If I see that the top three of the bill number on the express are mine, I will take it down and put it on the next track. Then someone will be responsible for putting it on the car and always looking at something. How to say it? I feel bored today My classmates and I are in charge of Jiangsu Province, and I am in charge of Zhejiang Province. In this workshop, there are about 50 or 60 temporary workers like Xiao Shen on the night shift, and there are only 100 regular employees. It’s not easy to work here. It’s not always painful. Xiao Shen’s school is not near. He has to take a bus for more than an hour every time he comes. If there are more courses the next day, he will choose to take a day off. Now, he can get 210 to 230 yuan a night, making a total of more than 1000 yuan. Asked if the job was insured, he said he did not know it and had not signed a contract. Temporary employment in Hefei transfer center of Shentong express Shen classmate: my mother works as a waiter, and her monthly salary is not much. Then my father does welding and is very tired. I usually use my spare time to work part-time to earn some living expenses. I don’t want my parents to ask for money, which brings pressure on them. I don’t want to let them know, and I’m afraid that they will be distressed. When double 11 arrived, I bought some clothes and spent six Seven hundred. According to the statistics of the State Post Office, before the “double 11” of this year, the major express companies across the country added about 490000 temporary workers like Xiao Shen. They involve customer service, warehouse sorter, courier, driver and other types of work on the express chain. If calculated by the national nearly 4 million fixed express employees, the temporary employment has exceeded 10%. At 9:00 a.m. on Friday, the reporter met Cao Yunlei, a 29 year old courier, who was also a temporary employee. At the beginning of this month, we just signed a two-month labor agreement with the outlets. After the “double 11” campaign, we still need to help finish the “double 12” of next month and the new year’s day. Considering that he is a newcomer, the network has set a fixed base salary of 3200 yuan. If more than 3200 pieces are distributed, the rest will be included in the bonus. Cao Yunlei used to work as a logistics company in a trading company. He quickly adapted to the rhythm, and could deliver two or three hundred pieces a day on average. This experience is also regarded as a test of future transformation. < p > < p > courier Cao Yunlei: I still want to contact this part and do more, but there are still many details that I don’t know very well, because he has a lot of assessment fines for this express, which is particularly serious. Once a customer complains, you may lose 200 yuan a day, and few dry express delivery companies are not punished. I still don’t know a lot about the assessment, so I want to understand the internal rules first. Nowadays, there are not many young people like Cao Yunlei who are full of enthusiasm and vision for express delivery industry. In order to prepare for the “double 11” campaign, many companies in August this year have already offered many attractive mechanisms to recruit people, but they have not responded very well. More than 10% of the temporary employment is also a reflection of the “difficult recruitment of express delivery industry”. With e-commerce and online shopping increasingly becoming an important part of the economic cycle, what problems have happened to the logistics express as the basic support, and how to relieve them? Li Guo, general manager of Shentong express Anhui Province Company: in our industry, especially at the grass-roots level, the most important reason is that we feel that the labor intensity is relatively high. Moreover, most of our main forces in the past should be the Post-70s, the post-80s, and now the post-90s are already 30 years old, which means that most young people may not be able to bear the hardships. The wind blows and the sun shines, 365 days a year, all year round. China’s express delivery, data we have already achieved the world’s first, we are now big but not strong. < / P > < p > Bai Yansong: with the advent of the double 11, it is necessary to recruit temporary express younger brothers. However, those who have been working as couriers for a long time are the main force of the real industry. Many of us may feel that they always come and go in a hurry. It is almost normal to run a red light on the road and not obey the traffic rules. However, the effect seems not so good. The reason behind this is that they charge by piece and Dora runs fast. But in fact, how fast they run, the income may not be as high as you think. Less than 1% of the first-line couriers earn more than 10000 yuan a month, and more than 70% of them earn less than 5000 yuan a month. Can we improve their income, security or dignity? < / P > < p > twice a day in the morning and afternoon, this express station near a residential area in Shenyang will welcome a batch of express delivery. Unload the express from the superior site, and then scan and sub load them to the delivery truck. The express buddies start their busy work. They will take a copy of the express and finish the last kilometer before delivery. < p > < p > with the advent of double 11, the delivery task of express brother Pan Yue is correspondingly increased. At five o’clock every day, he starts his day’s work. Like more than 3 million couriers in China, his monthly income depends on the number of items received and dispatched in that month. If Pan Yue wants to make more money, it means to pull more, run faster and send more items. Pan Yue, courier of Shenyang Riverside Business Department of Jingdong express: after one piece is finished, this piece can earn one yuan and fifty cents. If customers want to buy mineral water, milk, beer or something, the more heavy things may be improved. If the more relaxed point, like the invoice on a few cents. When I was young, the monthly salary might be three or four thousand yuan, that’s it. More time may be more than ten thousand, this is also for their own life, and then rely on their own efforts to earn. In order to get the hard-earned salary on time every month, Pan Yue, who has been in the business for four years, chooses to work in this direct marketing site, where they can directly sign labor contracts with express companies. In the current express industry, most of the sites are operated in the way of franchise, that is, the operators who join in will contract the grass-roots sites of express companies, and then employ couriers and operate independently. On the eve of this year’s double 11, a franchise express site closed quietly because of poor management. < / P > < p > the site courier: I have been working in this express company for three years. I have changed the operator four times in three years. If I change the operator, I owe us some money, but I don’t owe much, hundreds of yuan or 1800 yuan. Since the operator doesn’t do it, we don’t want it. This time I owe more than 11000 yuan. < / P > < p > the operating efficiency of the franchise site is closely related to the income of the express delivery personnel of the site. Therefore, the poor management of the franchise site work, and did not sign a labor contract courier, it is easy to produce labor disputes. In fact, the grassroots express stations of express companies such as “three links and one Da” that the public are familiar with all adopt the franchise system. In recent years, more and more express enterprises have promoted the franchise system in the site. Yang Daqing, deputy director of the Research Office of China Federation of logistics and purchasing, said: the direct operating express enterprise is my (express enterprise) and I will manage it. I will take charge of his income, including social security and so on. Too much manpower does bring certain cost pressure to the enterprise. We may hope to ease the pressure on human cost through the technology platform. The franchise mode relies on the information platform to attract such social odd jobs. When we apply the franchise system, we can ease some of the cost pressure. < / P > < p > the introduction of the franchise system into the grass-roots sites brings competition to the end of the express industry. Eliminating the uncompetitive sites can also save the human cost correspondingly. However, it does not mean that the labor rights and interests of couriers are not guaranteed. < p > < p > deputy director of Research Office of China Federation of logistics and purchasing Yang Daqing: we need this industry to gradually establish and improve this trade union system, because the trade union system is a very important starting point for us to reconcile the contradictions in the employment relationship, especially the franchise mode of our express employees. They are floating employees. Under this mode, they need to protect their rights and interests, and at the same time, they should be within the scope of law-abiding. Our traditional laws and regulations are facing new service scenarios, new formats, and new technologies, which bring about changes in relations. They still need to adjust with the times. < p > < p > having been a courier in Nantong for ten years, Mao Jun contracted a delivery site in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, where the industry competition is fierce. As the site leader, he is no longer worried that he will become a weak party in labor disputes. However, Mao Jun is still delivering Express Services on the front line. With the advent of the double 11, Dora has become his normal work. Mao Jun, courier of Nantong Hai’an express supply and distribution center: usually, a person can send about 200 tickets. During the double 11 Festival, this is several times the amount. We usually go to work at eight o’clock, and now we arrive at the company at 10:1 and 6:00