Ma Junsheng, director of the State Post Office, pointed out that there are still some restrictions on the scope of use and scenarios of UAV and unmanned vehicle technology, and it still needs a stage for its full popularization, but its role is obvious in some specific scenarios. < p > < p > at the meeting, a reporter asked: during the epidemic period this year, there were new distribution modes such as UAV distribution and robot distribution. Could you introduce the development level of China’s overall intelligent logistics industry? Will the application be further expanded in the next step? Ma Junsheng pointed out that the express industry is born with the combination of information. “Express” is the delivery of documents, printed matter and package to the recipient within the specified time, and must be accompanied by information to track. The reason for express delivery is that, different from the original traditional mode, there is information tracking. In the development of express delivery, the level of informatization is developing at the same time. Over the years, through the joint efforts of everyone, the information level of the whole industry is still relatively high. First of all, express tracking is basically realized, and express tracking is not a simple tracking of a few points, it is basically dynamic tracking. In recent years, the development of electronic map, graphic is also advancing. Express industry is an industry of big data collection. It has done a lot of work by using data analysis, operation, maintenance, management and safety monitoring. Therefore, the level of intelligent express delivery in recent years or keep pace with the times, the development effect is good. < p > < p > MA Junsheng said that UAV and unmanned vehicle technology are emerging technologies of express intelligent, and now both technologies can be used. There are also some restrictions on the scope of use and scenarios, such as resource constraints and cost-effective restrictions. It will take a stage for the full-scale popularization, but its effect is obvious in some specific scenarios. For example, during the epidemic period, in Wuhan Jinyintan hospital, for the sake of safety, we built a UAV postal route to deliver drugs and anti epidemic supplies to Jinyintan hospital. During this period, Tricholoma matsutake was well received in Tibetan areas. Tricholoma matsutake was very popular in the Japanese market. It was very demanding to send Tricholoma matsutake to Japan by cold chain for 8 hours. In the past, it was difficult to reach the goal. Now, UAVs are used to collect Tricholoma matsutake at the foot of the mountain. And fishing at sea. However, large-scale popularization still needs a process, which is limited by airspace resources and cost performance. Now, unmanned vehicles are only used in limited areas, and roads are required to be barrier free. Many campuses and government buildings are used. There is no problem with the technology of unmanned vehicle, but it needs to be improved continuously. Global Tech