Along with the launch of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro, Apple also offers a new MagSafe charger, which can provide wireless fast charging up to 15W. However, it should be noted that Apple does not provide usb-c power adapter for MagSafe charger (BOC price is 329 yuan). Users can either purchase Apple’s official 20W power adapter (BOC price is 149 yuan) or purchase additional third-party accessories. < / P > < p > can these third-party power adapters also provide full 15W output for MagSafe chargers? Aron zollo, the anchor of zolotech, a well-known digital channel, measured the actual output power with an instrument. Finally, it was confirmed that MagSafe charger could provide 15W full output only with Apple’s official 20W power adapter, while other third-party usb-c power adapters could not. < / P > < p > zollo’s tests also show that apple is using active temperature control, so when the iPhone gets hot, the charging power tends to stay below 10W. The best speed comes from the fact that there is no protective case on the iPhone when charging with a 20W power adapter, which provides better heat dissipation. < / P > < p > older iPhones, such as the 11 Pro Max and 8 plus, use MagSafe chargers and Apple’s 20W power adapter to charge about 5W, which is consistent with the test results we saw last week. Skip to content